Programs & Services

What We Do for Manitoba from A-Z

Founded in 1894, The Winnipeg Humane Society has grown into the largest and most experienced animal welfare organization in the province.  Annually, between 8,000 and 9,000 animals enter the shelter, all of which are appropriately cared for by our devoted staff and volunteers.  In addition to providing safe and healthy pets to the community, The Winnipeg Humane Society also has an extensive list of programs and services that contribute to its mission of protecting animals from suffering and promoting their welfare and dignity.  From animal advocacy to humane education, The WHS strives to remain at the forefront of animal welfare in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba.

For more information on any of the following services, please call 204-982-2021 and you will be redirected to the proper department.

Adoption Thousands of cats, dogs and critters are adopted out of our shelter annually.

Advocacy – We give all animals a voice, whether they are pets, livestock or wildlife.  We have several advocacy groups, including:
-    Animal Advocacy
-    Cats Alive!
-    Farm Animal Welfare
-    Quit Stalling

Behaviour Assessments – We assess all cats and dogs to determine their personality type and to identify any behavioural issues that we may need to work with.

Clinic – We have a fully operational clinic for all WHS animals.  Along with performing thousands of low-cost spay/neuter surgeries in Winnipeg, we regularly hold spay/neuter clinics in Northern communities.

Community Service High school students may be able to earn a credit for volunteering at The WHS.

Dog Obedience Classes These public classes are based on positive reinforcement.

Dogs & Storks We teach expecting families how to prepare their family dog for life with a new baby.

Donations We are a non-profit organization that relies almost entirely upon financial contributions from our supporters. 

Experienced Dog Adopter Program (EDAP) – We carefully screen and work closely with families who are willing to adopt dogs with specific challenges that through concentrated effort make excellent pets.  

Education – Our education department provides an array of programs for animal lovers of all ages:
-    Birthday Parties
-    Mini Kids Club
-    Paws for Adventure Spring and Summer Day Camps
-    Pet Partners
-    Classroom or school presentations
-    Shelter Tours

Emergency Services – We provide assistance to injured, abused or distressed animals seven days a week.  We also aid the following organizations with animal-related situations:
-    The Winnipeg Police Service
-    Social Services
-    The Health Department
-    Child and Family Services 

Foster Care Our network of foster homes provide animals with the personalized care they need.

Investigative Work – Our Animal Protection Officers investigate hundreds of cruelty complaints every year.

Lost & Found We maintain the provinces largest animal lost and found registry.

Pet First Aid - We offer a course designed to give pet lovers the necessary information to help respond to a life threatening emergency involving your dog or cat.

Pet Loss Support - We offer a pet loss support line (204-988-8804) for those dealing with the loss of a pet.

Puppy Socializing Classes Puppies get a chance to learn how to interact with other dogs.

Quiet Time – Dogs spend time in a home-like environment as a break from the stimulation of shelter life.

Satellite Adoption Centres Various local pet stores participate in adopting animals out of their facilities.

Spay & Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) A subsidized spay/neuter service available to those who may not be able to afford the surgery.  We also offer a 20/20/20 program where the pet owner, the City of Winnipeg and The WHS each pay an equal amount for the surgery.

Special Events – These help raise funds for our shelter while getting the community involved.  Some of our annual events include:
-    Paws in Motion Walk-a-thon
-    Bow Wow Ball
-    Iams’ 1001 Donations Radiothon

See Spot Read – Children struggling with reading skills visit the shelter to read to dogs.  The low-pressure environment has been shown to boost grade points by up to 2 levels.

Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) With the help of caring citizens, this program allows us to control the feral cat population in Winnipeg.

WHS Gift Shop We sell hundreds of unique products for both you and your pet. All proceeds are directed back to shelter operations.

Volunteering We rely on our volunteers to help with day-to-day shelter operations and special events. 

Wildlife We provide temporary boarding for injured or distressed wildlife. 

Yelp Line (General, Cats, Dogs) – This online service has a wealth of information to aid pet owners with pet behaviour and care.