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Many communities are plagued with the problem of homeless cats. The Winnipeg Humane Society offers humane traps to capture feral/unsocialized cats and have them spayed/neutered.

While we have made great strides in encouraging people to spay or neuter their companion cats, the stray and feral cat populations in our community continue to reproduce and contribute to Winnipeg’s cat overpopulation problem.

The We Are Here For The Animals. We Are Here For You. campaign provides an opportunity to trap, neuter and release feral cats in Winnipeg’s industrial areas. The WHS views this program as an alternative to euthanizing cats that would otherwise be unadoptable.

For more information about how to be involved, contact

To learn more about the We Are Here For the Animals. We Are Here For You program, click here.

 Check your municipality bylaws regarding the legalities of harbouring feral cats.