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If you live outside of Winnipeg, or would like to book an appointment for your dog or rabbit, please call 204-888-7627.

  • Book your cat spay/neuter appointment at The WHS Clinic online for $25.
  • Online registration is only available for:
    • Winnipeg residents
    • Cat appointments.
  • If you live outside Winnipeg or would like to book an appointment for a dog or rabbit, please call the SNAP line at 204-888-7627.

Do I qualify?

  • SNAP is open to low income families and individuals. The program is based on:
    • How many family members reside in the household (children included)
    • The total gross earnings for spouses, partners, and/or guardians combined
    • If the family is on Social Assistance they automatically qualify, but must provide their 6 digit case number.
  • You must bring your proof of income when you drop off your cat for surgery. Proof of income includes:
    • Your most recent income tax receipt
    • Notice of Assessment from last tax return
    • The last three pay stubs for all spouses, partners and/or guardians earning income
    • Your six digit Social Assistance number.
  • The qualifying income levels are:
    • 1 person  – <$25,000
    • 2 people in the same home – <$32,000
    • 3 people in the same home – <$39,000
    • 4 people in the same home – <$46,000
    • 5 people in the same home – <$52,000
    • 6 people in the same home – <$58,000
    • 7+ people in the same home – <$63,000.
  • Your cat must be at least four months old and weigh at least 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram).
  • You must reside in Winnipeg to book a SNAP appointment online. If you register and reside outside of Winnipeg, your transaction will not be refunded. If you live outside of Winnipeg, please call 204-888-7627 to book your appointment.

How else can I book an appointment?

  • Phone: 204-888-7627 (please be patient, as the phone line receives a high frequency of calls)
  • Visiting The WHS Clinic at 45 Hurst Way

Book your appointment online by clicking the button below. Please note: The booking form on this page might not work on all mobile devices. Please use a desktop or laptop computer to ensure your payment is received successfully.

SNAP Statement of Declaration