Foster Care

Animals in foster care need permanent homes, too.

The WHS foster care program operates in an attempt to give each animal a fair opportunity to be placed into our adoption program.

You provide a shelter animal with a temporary home – we provide all supplies needed until the animal can be returned to the shelter for adoption.  Fostering is a fulfilling and rewarding volunteer job that you can do in your own home.

Things you should know about before fostering:

  • Common illnesses in cats and dogs and how you can handle them as a foster parent.
  • Behaviour issues with dogs and cats and how you can understand and help your foster animals.
  • Important tips on how to socialize kittens and puppies.
  • Opportunities to participate in beginner and advanced dog training classes.

Animals that are most likely to go into foster are:

  • moms and babies (cats and dogs)
  • orphaned kittens or puppies
  • cats and dogs with minor injuries
  • dogs that don't 'show' well in a shelter atmosphere and need to be adopted through foster (paperwork is still completed through the Adoptions Department)
  • cats and dogs that just need a break from the shelter

The Foster Care Program provides everything that is needed for the care of the animals while in a foster home. The only thing that a potential Foster Parent needs is a separate room (spare room, laundry room, bathroom, etc) to quarantine from other animals in the home, and lots of love and attention. The work is hard, but the payoff to see your foster animal go into their home is worth it!

Note: If you live outside of Winnipeg, you can still foster for us!  You just need to be able to transport your foster pets into the city for check-ups and supplies.

We are currently looking for foster parents to become a part of our program for cats & kittens (with and without 'moms').

Click here to download a Foster Application form PDF 12KB).

Click here to download our information brochure on becoming a foster parent (PDF 202KB).

Interested in fostering and want more details?

Please call 204-982-2049 or email us for more information