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11:33 PM July 10th 2012
Free Spaying and Neutering
by Janice
I would be willing to increase my donation by $5.00 a month and I would like to challenge all WHS supporters to increase their monthly contributions by the same with the intent that 100% of this money would go towards a vet in the North-end offering free spaying and neutering.

Maybe this wouldn't be enough for such a project. What would it take? The amount of strays and uncared for animals in the North-End is pitiful. We need to stop this.
12:46 PM November 8th 2011
by Sophie Simmons
Do I need to get a new friend for Angel - 3 years of age. From the WHS from a litter to our home with an older at - who recently passed away.

She is alone all day, etc., and I feel she is feeling the lonliness of not having Simba around anymore.

I don't want to replace my cat of 15 years, but need a friend for my Angel.
10:13 AM October 14th 2011
Re: Kittens
by The Winnipeg Humane Society
While there is no law against this, if you have a concerned about the welfare of an animal, please call our Animal Protection Unit at 982-2028.
12:57 PM October 13th 2011
by Dave
Hey, I am just wondering what is the appropriate age to remove kittens from their mother? Is there a law regarding this? Somewhere you can report people? Thanks
11:35 AM September 12th 2011
Re; poor babies, :(
by The Winnipeg Humane Society
We do offer a program called Trap, Neuter, Release in which you can bring in feral cats to be spayed/neutered and then released back into their natural habitat. Please give us a call at 982-2025 for more information.
12:35 PM September 11th 2011
poor babies, :(
by Brooke
We live in the west end, and everyone knows that strays are around,

Last spring, we found 2 little kittens and their mama, they are so cute,

Once they were old enough, they started coming out of their hiding place, and into our yard, my boyfriend started giving the kittens some food, (damn his big heart) no they here all the time,

We have been asking everyone we know if they would take one or both to no avail,

We can't afford to neuter the two boys ourselves, and I am very allergic so we can't have them,

What can we do to make sure they get a good home before winter, or to make sure they not increasing the stray problem?

Now the mama is another issue, she is vicious, and hisses at anyone near her, she is a danger to children and such around our area,

It has taken until just last month to get half the wild out of the kittens, but the mom is not going to change. She needs to be caught and spayed or I hate to say, but put to sleep, because she will continue to have more litters.

Any suggestions or advice as to what to do would be great, we would love to keep Nick & Knack as outdoor cats, but they need to be neutered, and this neighborhood is not safe for free roam cats, so we can not.

Thanks all for reading and remember, homeless pets is just as bad as homeless people, help us find a lo ing family for them

P & B
3:01 PM July 18th 2011
Re: Wild Cat!
by The Winnipeg Humane Society
Hi Tia,
Please give our behaviour department a call at 988-8808 and they will try to help you with your problem. There are many ways to try and curb this issue, including making sure your cat has many other toys to play with. It's free to call and we'll be happy to help.
2:01 PM July 18th 2011
Wild Cat!
by Tia
My family adopted a cat from WHS last October and she is the sweetest thing in the world. We've always had this one really big problem, she is always trying to jump on our birds cage. We've tried using a spray bottle to teach her to stay away but she loves water so she doesn't care. It is so fustrating and we don't want to get rid of our bird or our cat. What are we supposed to do?
6:46 PM July 7th 2011
by Andrea Neplyk
Just wanted to leave a comment expressing how happy I am to have adopted my new friend Benny (3 year old cat) Thank you so much WHS
9:37 AM May 26th 2011
Re: Male cat refusing to use the litter box
by The Winnipeg Humane Society
Hi Dave, our Behaviour Department can help you! Please give us a call at 988-8808 and we will talk you through some ideas, tips, and important information. It's free to call.
11:04 AM May 23rd 2011
Male cat refusing to use litter box
by Dave

My 8 year old male cat has recently started going to the bathroom in a corner of our new finished basement. When he is done, he scratches the new drywall. I have placed the litter box in this area and he went in it once. However, he has continued to pee beside it. I am near the end of my rope and am desperate for a solution. The last thing I want to do is get rid of him. Please help.
1:26 PM March 6th 2011
by SapphyBeariie
Okay, I had this cat, for a very long time. He ran out on friday, my neighbour took him to the Humane Society, where you guys work. He came in and gave him to you guys. He was a part of my family, All i want is him back. He is orange and white, small, kind of fat, and is missing some hair by his balls and his butt. PLease help, we miss him lots. If you care, you will help. PLEASE !!!!! (:
10:06 PM December 31st 2010
by Adrienne
I have always had a menagerie of mostly rescued cats & dogs and would allow them to go play in my fenced yard during the day as they wished, but bring them back in every night. However, when one of my beloved cats failed to return one evening, I realized that I really wasn't keeping them safe outdoors - the decision was made then that the remaining cats could go out no longer. Oooh, there were such loud protests. So, after listening to their dismay over the next few months, I compromised. The lucky beasties now have free access via a cat flap to an enclosed 10' x 12' x 9' high kennel filled with their own trickling water fountain, tall grasses in which to hide, an insulated house and steps to various lookouts perched high to oversee our yard and those beyond the fence! My cats are now very happy and completely safe, a benefit that greatly outweighs the one time initial cost. I never did find out what happened to my cat, Sam, but there is consolation that now, it won't happen again.
9:56 AM October 8th 2010
Entertain the Cat
by Alex
There are many reasons the cat wants to go out.
Finding a friend is not always the reason, and not always the best option.

Cats naturally want grass to eat. It helps with their digestion. They have an instinct to eat it.

It's possible your cat has some stomach problems (indoor cats do now and then), have you tried some "cat grass"? It can be found at most places that sell cat products.

One way to tell is if she's eating your plants.

Another reason cats want to go out is to hunt. She probably sees birds, squirrels, etc. out the windows.

What kind of toys do you have for her inside? There's no excitement? The dog will only play so much.
Perhaps invest in a couple of toys for her, and some catnip to keep her interested.

One of those laser pointers are a GREAT toy for you to play with her (just don't shoot her in the eye), but be warned...dogs love them just as the two of them may bump heads chasing the little red dot.

Good luck
12:55 PM August 25th 2010
by Helena
One of the reasons your cat want to go out, may be she wants to socialize. So you can try to find friends for her. Get her together with a male cat, if a friend have one. Just try and see if she can get along.
12:22 AM August 13th 2010
What do u do w/cat that refuses to stay in
by Chyna cat
My siamese cat frm the time she was a kitten, she did not want to be indoors, running and meowing frmm one window to another, and her meow is annoying believe me. She is a lovely cat and well cared for, since I had a Shitzoo, I had her nails, lazored,no pain, and had her spayed, she gets her needles regularly, BUT never did I think she would be an OUTDOOR Diva....but she is, nothing can keep her in, and any chance she gets she belines it and escapes, only to have her trapped by my neighbour. what a world....
How the heck do you keep this non conformist cat in? she sleeps all day, and is out most of the night, unless I wake up to let her in at 4am, and that is ONLY if she is willing to come in - help...anyone?