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1:08 PM December 15th 2012
hog farms
by angela walker
please watch:
2:32 PM March 20th 2012
pets in apartments...
by natalie charney
it is sad when people who don't know how to take care of themselves let their animals go,in desperate need of medical and educated care.If there was a legit pet deposit in place it would eliminate the "problem"
9:34 PM February 22nd 2012
by monica daniels
more landlord should really ease upon the no pets allowed so that more people can have pets even if they have to pay a pet fee there are some really responsible pet owners out there who really love animals and will not let them destroy their apartments children do more damage to apartments than animals that is all i have to say so are you going to ban people with children
10:43 PM June 24th 2011
by Carla
Assiniboine park is having fireworks tonight. June 25th. They may be fun to watch but do you really think this is such a good idea to have right next to the zoo animals. Isnt it a just a bit stressfull for them. Pick another location.
11:45 PM May 31st 2011
responsible pet owners!
by georgia

I find it sad as a renter on a budget that due to people who have not properly looked after their animals and allowed them to damage or cause problems that there are almost no landlords willing to accept pets even with a pet deposit!. As long as people continue to not respect that it is A PRIVILAGE to have a pet and that the commitment and care is life long and that your pets are not disposable or to be traded in when its older and requires more care (just like people ). the folks who do look after their animals and respect the rental dwellings they live in will pay the price as well as the animals that wind up in shelters or on the street because their owners cannot find a affordable place to live. I implore landlords out there to give us responsible owners a chance and remind you that pets should not have to pay the price of the irresponsible pet owners and say to all pet owners... look after ,and clean up after your pets those of you that don't are making it harder on all renters who do!
12:25 PM May 28th 2011
by Charlene
I have a few beefs with the whole system. For starters, Charge and jail people who abuse animals, that includes all the obvious things like niglect and starving, but should also include owners who refuse to socialize their pets, creat aggression in animals and refuse to spay and neuter their pets!
Stop banning the breed and start banning the owners! I agree that not anyone shoule be able to get any animal, there should be laws to protect the animal, steps taken to ensure the animal is fixed and not running around producing more unwanted animals, and they should have to apply to get any pet and regular checks should be made to ensure their safety!
And another thing; the Winnipeg Humane Society, along with the provincial government should spend more money and time enforcing the spay and neuter laws instead of euthanizing inocent animals. This would drastically reduce the amount of animals that are needlessly killed. For example, go on Kijiji and see how many people are giving away kittens, respond to their ads, find them and fine them! It's not that hard. The laws are there, lets start enforcing them for the good of the whole world. If you are too short staffed to man the streets, I know of many people, including myself that would gladly accept that job!
4:23 PM May 16th 2011
by Linda Viallet
I can't understand why the government can't or won't put a stop to these puppy mills. A good start would be to ban the sales of dogs & cats in pet stores. People tend to impulse shop, when they see a cute little puppy or kitten in the window. Little do they know the conditions from which they came. And if they do know, they think they are rescuing a puppy, but instead they are just opening up a space for more puppy mill animals to be brought in. How long will it take for the authorities to finally say no to this cruelty? These evil people should be thrown in jail for cruely to animals. I will only adopt. There are so many animals waiting for their forever homes & unfortunately, when there are too many, some have to be euthanized. If you go to a breeder who won't let you see the parents, than there is something wrong. Don't buy from them & report them to the Wpg. Humane Society.
11:35 AM October 11th 2010
by Cheryl
I strongly believe that people should not have the right to simply go out and "buy" a dog. There should be a system that controls who brings home a helpless and innocent "victim" at times. Shouldn't it be treated equally to adopting a child? It should be a privilege, not a right. And don't even get me started on breeders. They are also responsible for all those poor animals who end up abused, neglected, and/or homeless. All they care about is improving their household income. Meanwhile the dog is now susceptible to an uncertain future, which, in a lot of cases ends up becoming the victim of abuse. This should no be the way that it is. I have 2 beautiful large dogs that i love very much, and in do respect, lots of other proud pet owners love theirs as well, but it is definitely proven that that's not always the case.
8:20 AM October 7th 2010
by Jay
I think its time to stop letting owners Abuse their dogs. If you see it through a dogs eyes well you'll understand. I have this dog next door and shes terribly Lonely and thin and Hugry. So I think its time to say No! to abuse
2:59 PM September 6th 2010
by Junice Taylor
I want to see fluffies law passed here in Manitoba. We say we are senior friendly but we are not! I had to give up my little dog who was and is the best mannered and best behaved as well as the cleanest little guy ever. I miss him teribly. At least my friends took him and I didn't have to put him to sleep.
Where does the manitoba government get the idea that we are senior friendly? If I decide to get a little dog and defy the rules MANITOBA HOUSEING has put in place I will probably be evicted. If so I guarante everyone will know about it because i WILL BE ON THE STREET RIGHT IN FRONT OF THIS BUILDING AND SO WIL MY LITTLE FRIEND. WONDER WHAT THE PRESS WILL SAY ABOUT A LADY ALMOST 80 YEARS OLD BEING ON THE STREET BECAUSE SHE HAS A LITTLE DOG?? JUNICE tAYLOR
7:32 PM July 28th 2010
It's Time
by Bertha Hanschke
It's time to do something about the atrocious way that animals and their owners are treated. Used to be that animals were considered 'family'. I am halfway to 75 years of age[from 74]and have a lovely German Shepherd fella that I have obedience trained [yes I have my certificate and have done this for years]. Before that there was another guy by the name of Theo, a Border Collie, who was unbelievably intelligent - he was my heart and soul. He was killed off by a vet who had treated my animals for over 25 years. Gave him 'Resolution', caused seizures in Border Collies until they changed the formula. Most heartbreaking loss imaginable. At my advanced age, it has been pretty much impossible to find a place to live with my German Shepherd, Brandon, even though he is quiet and well behaved. He will be 17 months old on Aug. 3. His mom was a show dog, and his dad was papered but never shown. He and I have moved 8 times in the past 9 months - breaks my heart for him to keep bouncing around. He would ace any tests for police work - which is my dream for him, although it would break my heart to give him up.
But no one sees the good in him - but I won't speak for any other dogs. I have a former friend who has a foofy little dog that annoys the hell out of everyone. I can't stand the poor little thing - but that's the fault of the owner. It has had no training or guidance - so small dogs are not the answer to accommodation for people with pets. Don't know what else I can say here - go for animal AND people rights.
Bertha Hanschke
9:45 AM July 24th 2010
by misty ste-marie
i love animals but what i dont like is how people can hurt them abuse them and leave them left for dead I will ADOPT a pet!