WHS applauds work of Mercy for Animals revealing suffering of Manitoba Pigs

Monday Dec 17 2012
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December 11, 2012

WHS applauds work of Mercy for Animals revealing suffering of Manitoba Pigs
(WINNIPEG) The Winnipeg Humane Society is applauding the efforts of Mercy for Animals Canada for its work in capturing video that shows the horrifying conditions that pigs in Manitoba are raised in by some members of the pork industry.

 The video was released to the media and public on Monday, December 10, 2012. It  documents the suffering of pigs at a Puratone farm located in Arborg, Manitoba.

“This barn is not a one-off situation, this is a level of abuse and neglect that is a standing practice in many other barns,” said Bill McDonald, Winnipeg Humane Society CEO.  “I implore every consumer to use their purchasing power and demand humane treatment for food animals through their grocery chain.”

The gestation crates shown in the video released by Mercy for Animals Canada are the focus of The WHS’ Quit Stalling campaign, which urges pork producers to phase out this inhumane practice. The crates are approximately 2 feet wide by 7 feet long and a sow will live her entire life in it. Many of the larger pork producers have pledged to phase out these crates by 2017, including Maple Leaf Foods. Recently the Puratone Corporation farms have been acquired by Maple Leaf Foods. 

“Maple Leaf will now be operating over 60 pig barns in Manitoba and stated as recently as March, 2012, in a letter to me, that they would meet their conversion commitment in 2017,” states McDonald. The WHS will be communicating with Maple Leaf about this video to urge the company to adhere to the committed date of 2017 to phase out gestation stalls in Manitoba.



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