Speak Out Against Cat and Dog Fur

Wednesday Dec 28 2011

Over 2 million dogs and cats are brutally slaughtered for their fur each year. This practice is based mainly out of China, but also occurs in Thailand, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian regions; the fur products are then legally sold in Canada, usually without labels properly stating what type of fur it is.

Click here for more information on cat and dog fur.

Click here to download an official petition to sign, circulate and return to: ATTN: Communications Coordinator, The Winnipeg Humane Society, 45 Hurst Way
Winnipeg, MB, R3T 0R3


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10:28 AM March 12th 2013
Disturbing and Heartless
by Amanda
This is very disturbing, words can not describe how I feel about this, it is very upsetting and heartbreaking and brings tears to my eyes every time I think about this. It is quite obvious that the individuals involved in this act of cruelty have no hearts and all they care about is money. How would the individuals involved like to be staved, abused, live a small cage with multiply humans and be brutally killed for there skin. This needs to be stopped those animals deserve to live as much as everyone else.
9:22 PM March 4th 2013
by joe smith
I am curious as to why the City of Winnipeg is not updating the bylaw regarding how many cats a household can have. The 3 dog and 3 cat rule is way out of date. Anybody who has both pets knows cats are easier to look after than dogs.I should be able to have at least 5 cats before the city interferes and if i want more, a simple permit ,again without city interference could be had.
4:16 PM February 14th 2012
Who Does This!!
by Barbara
who can do these things and can be called mentally stable? I don't understand!! It tears my heart apart every time I hear and see stories like this. I still periodically drive down backlanes in the north in case there are howls coming from the garbage bins. Now how pathetic is that in this day and age.

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