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4:12 PM November 2nd 2012
Mistreated Dog
by Lynn
I'm trying to understand what a mistreated dog is? I believe that dogs are pack animals and require that type of an environment. Socially they require a pack environment to thrive and to be a social animal. Usually a dog's pack is the family that it lives with. Their pack cares for it and teaches it right from wrong and provides it adequate food, water and shelter and yes love.

If that family ignores it by leashing it to a 6 foot line, never walks it it nor plays with it, never allows it inside the house, allows it to be without water or direct heat why does the Humaine society not see what the neighbors see?

We have a dog like this in our neighborhood and sometimes when it barks continuously because it is restrained continuously 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks in the year or perhaps is without water in the heat or frozen water in the cold why is this allowed? What are the extreme limits that a dog must endure before the WHS sees what the neighbors see?

I believe that there are men and women in our jail systems that are treated better than this dog. Even though they have been found guilty of a crime they are allowed some time out of their prison cells. They are not confined 24 hours a day without the opportunity to exercise and to socialize.

Shame on people who do not allow their dog adequate exercise opportunity. I am sad that an animal has found it's way into the home of these people. What right does this animal have to live a fulfilling life? Surely there is someone out there that can give better care to this animal.

I believe that animals that are not allowed opportunities to be social animals may one day escape their confinement and then we will have a dog on the loose that will terrorize the neighborhood. And then who will be to blame the WHS for not removing that animal or the family who believe they are entitled to keep a dog living in these standards?

So again I am trying to understand what a mistreated dog is?

1:24 AM August 4th 2012
no chances
by kris & kristen
by my freinds place there are some people that torcher there dog i think this is torcher because the dog is colly the leash is about 6 inches long and the dog the long hair and on hot days we feel bad for the dog barly gets any food but most of the time it knocks the food over and once it got let off the leash but it didn't move what can i do
1:00 AM August 4th 2012
dogs in bad breeding places
by kris & kristen
i saw a wideo where the dogs had dirty water with cockroaches in it and they were hurt and hungry. i also saw a video dogs getting skinned and there fur being used for foe fur and the dogs were put in dirty cages with no food or water and people watched the dogs get skinned.
7:49 PM July 16th 2012
Dogs hurt and hungry
by Carrie
My daughter was at an event today in Peguis Reserve and she was very upset when she came home today. sHe said that she saw many stray dogs that were very hungry, and a few of them were hurt. She tried to touch a small cross bred dog, and it coward and started to shake. She saw that his paw was bleeding, so she ended up getting this pup to trust her, and she cleaned up his paw. He was missing a nail. She loves animals and she was so very upset by this. I told her that I would write to you and see what could be done about this.
10:12 AM October 14th 2011
Re: Kijiji Link
by The Winnipeg Humane Society
We have passed the kijiji link onto our Animal Protection Unit for their information. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
7:55 AM October 13th 2011
by anonymous
I saw this add on kiji. At the end it indicates that the cat will be 'kinked' on the head.
3:50 PM October 4th 2011
Re: bad child
by The Winnipeg Humane Society
Please give our cruelty and abuse complaint line a call at 982-2028 to make a report.
12:37 AM September 30th 2011
bad child
by concerned
I have watched my 10 year old neigbor repeatedly abuse his dog. He kicks, punches, throws rocks at her and I have even seen him step on her. I have told his parents and everything but he still continues to do this. And this isn't the first animal he has done this to, their grandma brought her dog over and he was "playing" with the dog outside, I caught him trying to hang her! I have no idea what I can do about this, it breaks my heart knowing this poor dog is being so badly abused. What can I do to prevent this from happening again?
2:59 PM July 18th 2011
Re: None
by The Winnipeg Humane Society
Hi Christine,

If you suspect animal abuse or cruelty, the best thing to do is call our Animal Protection Line at 982-2028. Our Animal Protection Officers can let you know what the procedure is. As an FYI, we don't euthanize dogs for space, only for severe medical or behavioural reasons.
9:01 PM July 16th 2011
by Christine K.
What is considered cruelty? I know of someone who ties their dog outside on a 35 degree day from early morning to late night. The wire tie down is only about 6' long. There was no water until we gave him some. The owner leaves him for hours at a time and if anyone was left in the house to look after him they didn't show their face.
I want to report him but I'm afraid WHS will take the dog and being a large breed no one would want him and he would be put down.
This person should never have gotten another animal after he almost killed his last one through neglect.
what can I do?
10:25 AM June 27th 2011
Re: Please read
by The Winnipeg Humane Society
Hi Jazlyn, you are more than welcome to give our Animal Protection Unit a call at 982-2028 if you need advice or guidance on how to handle this situation. However, we work within the City of Winnipeg, so you will most likely also need to contact your RM to file a report. It is good that you are following up with this. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
1:02 PM June 22nd 2011
Please read
by Jazlyn Johnston
I live in the small town of Pinefalls and I work at the local convenience store. Currently I have 2 golden retrievers and 2 cats which me and my family treat with love and care. I want to report somebody who is treating there dog extremely poorly. Every time he walks by he is constantly kicking or smacking the dog. It is a golden retriever that looks extremely matty, unhealthy, and neglected. Something needs to be done but I do not know who to contact. please get back to me soon if possible, thank you.
3:06 PM February 7th 2011
by Tabitha
i got my puppy from the new WHS and she is so awesome i lover she is a black wired haired terrier but thats not what we think she is a bunch of other types as well so we call her hinze 57 lol!!!!!!! i love her
10:40 AM October 4th 2010
Hermit Crabs
by Carole McDonald
Each time I go to St Vital Shopping Center and pass the stand with the hermit crabs I think it is disgusting. I feel very sorry for them.
11:53 PM August 23rd 2010
St. Vital Centre Hermit Crabs
by Ripped Off and Saddened
I am concerned about the hermit crabs being sold from the St. Vital Hermit Crab Kiosk.

I was there with my children and was suckered in to buying a couple of crabs. The clerk said they were very easy to take care of and cheap (only $10 each). Well, after buying the two, and the 'crabitat' - which I thought was the large size for $49 but actually turned out to be the medium size (the large is $69) with 'everything I need' the total cost came to $87. I was given a list of instructions for crab care, which was a full page long and followed it exactly only to find one of the crabs died inside of a week (no wonder they said no refunds or exchanges). So I did lots of research and found they did not provide instructions to provide salt water, which apparently Hermit Crabs need for drinking and bathing, and they did not indicate that the 'crabitat' they sold wasn't suitable for long term use (only a carrying case!). The cases aren't built to contain humidity, something the crabs need to breathe!

So, I've managed to keep the 2nd crab alive by covering the case with a warm wet cloth and regularly misting it with non-chlorinized shower water (we live in the country). This is no small feat! Hermit crabs are not easy to take care of and they are not cheap (according to the internet they need a 10 gallon tank to live comfortably) and sand to dig in - NOT rocks. So, I am very upset with these merchants who appear to be unconcerned for the crabs' well-being and only care about making a quick buck. Every day crabs are being purchased and by improperly informed buyers like me and possibly dying quickly, too. These crabs have the potential to live 20 to 30 years under the right conditions, so to be sold and sent off with uninformed buyers is to send them to their doom. This is most definitely a case of animal cruelty and somebody needs to stop this.
11:11 AM April 29th 2010
BSL is not Cool
by George
Breed Specific Legislation or "BSL" is exactly what it sounds like...regulation of your right to own or, in many cases, not own, a dog based solely on the breed or "type" of dog - not your responsibility as an owner. BSL can also refer to regulations and/or requirements placed only on a specific breed of dog and their owners.

No matter how you define it, BSL targets all dogs of a breed -- the innocent as well as the guilty, and it removes the responsibility from the dog's owner and towards the dog itself. Simple common sense tells you that laws are created to punish or deter the actions of humans - not those of animals.

Contact your local city counciler and tell them remove the current by-law about BSL.