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1:06 PM December 15th 2012
not enough being done
by angela walker
CTV W5 - A Manitoba pork farm - this is disgusting.
How much time can pass before we stop this. Europe
has banned the sow pens. Are we that stupid to let this continue like the dark ages. This is horrible torture. I tell everyone I know to not eat pork until this ends. Can you people do something more?
11:01 AM May 1st 2012
Factory Farming must end
by Charlie's pal
Thank you WHS for promoting humane farming. Food animals are the most vulnerable beings on the planet and Manitoba's factory farmed pigs are in great need of all the help they can get. Factory farming is terrible for the environment, dangerous to human health, but it is beyond comprehension how horrible it is for the real victims, the animals.
9:42 PM March 5th 2012
Just a reminder:
by Kim
One of the best things we can do is make humane & responsible decisions ourselves. (I'm not suggesting everyone would agree to be vegan but) most people could significantly reduce their meat and animal product intake and still have a nutritious (& delicious) diet.

:) remind yourself, your friend, and your family
10:09 AM April 26th 2011
Re: What is the winnipeg humane society doing?
by The Winnipeg Humane Society
Hi Richard,
Our biggest farm animal welfare campaign is our Quit Stalling campaign in which we were recently able to present over 10,000 signatures on a petition to ban sow stalls to government officials. We are working with the industry to phase out the use of gestation stalls and bring in more humane methods. We have also recently added a battery cage display to the life-sized pig model we regularily bring to malls, schools and events. We also feature farm animal welfare issues in each of our newsletters to try and educate the public and help them make more humane choices at the grocery store.
12:24 AM April 24th 2011
What is the winnipeg humane society doing?
by Richard
Hi what pro active steps are the winnipeg humane society doing in helping out the in-humane lives of the factory farm animals?