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6:29 PM August 11th 2014
Dogs Galore
by Just another dog lover
Can I just say that the WHS is doing a fantastic job with all of their animals? Of course I can, because it is true! Looking at all of the dogs while I am there or whether I am looking at them on the website, I want to adopt them all! And I would, if my hands weren't already full with my own little rascally dogs(who are both rescues)! The comments are flattering, and the pictures are sweet. It is heartbreaking to know that lots of dogs don't have a place to call home...yet! Bravo...just...BRAVO!
Thank You
9:28 AM November 19th 2010
Sensoring comments?
by Amanda
Hi there, tried to post a comment a few days ago regarding this issue, and still don't see it uploaded. I'm sure the comment was slightly controversial but nothing so offensive that it shouldn't be posted. Would like to know if it was recieved.
9:50 PM November 18th 2010
and this little piggy went to market...
by Christine
All that for just a little bit of money... Terrible!
4:30 PM November 18th 2010
Standing Up for Animals
by Standing Up for Animals
Dear Stupid People,

The WHS deals with the health and welfare of ANIMALS, not PEOPLE. If it was a HUMAN society then please, make comments about abortion and all the other junk that is listed below. The WHS has every right - as they should - to bring awareness to this issue. It takes strong people to be the voice for animals so I thank the WHS and all other humane societies for doing this. All you other cowards - go find a human site to b*tch about
11:16 AM November 17th 2010
by Amanda
I'm really surprised at the amount of ignorant comments on here. I usually avoid posting on comment walls, but how people can support the use of a dead piglet for esthetics is beyond me. It is not only disrespectful, but demonstrates our ability to substitute compassion with consumerism. There is nothing useful about this, it does not serve and educational (or even spiritual) purpose. This was at one point, a baby animal, that had a central nervous system, was able to feel pain, and emotion. If it were already dead, it would be one thing, but to kill it solely for the purpose of a piggy bank is disgusting.

And, on a side note, as someone who has had an abortion, with absolutely not regrets, I fail to see the connection. Last time I checked, my 8 week old unborn foetus was not an emotional being, and I didn't "kill" it strictly for the purpose of turning it into a mantle piece.
11:58 AM November 15th 2010
Something Even More Atrocious
by Num1Tribefan
You know what is even more of an atrocity, abortion. Funny how I don't see animal rights activists protesting outside of abortion clinics...aren't humans "animals" too? Are we not sensient beings as well? The torn a part bodies of unborn children have been found in dumpsters being eaten by rats. So where's the rally cry from the Winnipeg Humane Society for this injustice...just asking.
11:00 AM November 15th 2010
by none
ooh nooo, they are making good use of something that would otherwise rot in the ground, who would do such a thing.... rly guys...
1:33 AM November 15th 2010
by Caroline
In the same way that I find no pleasure in seeing deer heads complete with antlers mounted on the wall, or a bearskin rug, complete with head - or even a 'gosh how big is this fish' type exhibit - I cannot believe the mentality that could find this product amusing or desirous. I don't think I'm the strange one.
5:23 PM November 14th 2010
Lovly and decorative.
by Mark Rabinovic
I have one of those myself, and i will say that everybody that come by and noticed it loved it but at the same time understand that we eat those and the way they die isnt even close to what slaughterhouses do to them. I will keep mine !
11:40 AM November 14th 2010
"Piggy Bank"
by Linda
I heard from a very reliable source that this magazine is just relishing all the publicity this "item" is drawing. it is beyond reproach, absolutely disgusting, totally heartless. But I think if these people are revelling in the free publicity, maybe we should stop talking about it. I've always said that people like that may not be punished in this life, but they'll be punished eventually!
1:26 PM November 13th 2010
by Vashra

2. "Sentient" ?!?

3. This rather seems to be a better use of an already dead animal carcass than just chucking it or using it for fertilizer.

4. Why oh why do we not see this level of outrage over the thousands of murdered *human* babies killed via abortion every day?
4:44 PM November 12th 2010
by Anne Griffin
12:43 PM November 12th 2010
by Pig Eater
Seriously people? Of all the other things WHS can be doing, you are rising up for a dead pig? Are you going to go after me because I eat dead pigs?! (in the form of delicious bacon, easter ham, etc..) Get a life. It is a novelty item. Just like those dehydrated lizards sold in florida gift stores. Go after them too if you are going to spend your time going after trivial nonsense such as this.
10:21 PM November 11th 2010
How do you fools not understand this joke?
by Carter H
It's a comedy website selling a comedy NON-EXISTENT item. You are all a bunch of freaks.

Get real.
7:41 AM November 11th 2010
by kevin
Very nice!! i think i go order one.
7:13 PM November 10th 2010
Holy cow!!
by Braeden O
Who would support such a horrible sick thing. I can't believe this would happen in our brilliant and civilized nation. I totally support the WHS in their quest to put a complete end to this atrocity:(
6:38 PM November 10th 2010
It's still listed
Even after this article and the negative comments, the dead piglet bank is still being offered as a product for sale. I guess the pig farmer is making their money too and they don't care what becomes of the poor animal. Regulation of this needs to start with the farmer.
3:36 PM November 10th 2010
by wpgcdagirl
While I saw this on CNN and being from Winnipeg, I can't help but wonder how many nut cases will post stupid comments here on the WHS site...gee and what a surpise there already are two below.

It's a disgusting idea and one completely derived from greed. Unfortunately, they'll be someone who will put an order in...especially now that it's on CNN.
3:16 PM November 10th 2010
Go after real problems
by Banana Dog
I cannot believe you guys, you go after problems that do not exist when you could be helping in areas where you're needed. Each day hundreds and hundreds of animals are being neglected and tortured each day due to poor ownership and the disrespectful treatment to our furred friends.

But; you guys choose to attack and go after a person that has obviously made this into a joke. I think you just choose to exploit humans for your trivial need for attention and publicity.
2:55 PM November 10th 2010
Ah, Canada...
by Cassull
...where people can whine and moan about absolutely trivial and pointless things while ignoring the real problems. Sure glad I live here!
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