CEO Blog: Undercover Boss (not really) Series – Episode 5: Adoptions

The next destination, as I do as many jobs as possible, was the Adoptions and Retail Department. In our shelter, every time we hear “Available adoption counsellor to the front desk, please; available adoption counsellor to the front desk” our hearts beat a little faster, because it means someone has filled out the initial adoption form and is ready to learn more about an adoptable animal. But how exactly does the process work? I was eager to learn all about it. The day I became an adoption counsellor trainee, Reception was managed by Rachel and volunteer Carla. They are both … Continued

Waverley Underpass Temporary Weekend Closure – August 16-19

What is happening? In order to complete the final construction work to open the Waverley Underpass, a temporary weekend closure of the project area is necessary that will affect staff, volunteers and visitors to the Winnipeg Humane Society. See the attached Waverley Underpass Construction Update  -Temporary Weekend Closure Map for the closure boundaries. When is the closure happening? The closure will begin Friday, August 16, 2019 at 5:30PM and end Monday, August 19, 2019 at 6:00AM. During this time the closure area will be closed to all vehicles, and property owners will have access via other routes and access points. … Continued

Image Credit: Dreena Burton

Meatless Monday: Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake

When I first started transitioning to a Plant Based lifestyle, I thought that I had to eliminate a lot of my favourite foods; including dessert! The truth is, all you have to do is make some adjustments and you can find alternatives to just about everything…even chocolate cake! I first enjoyed this amazing dessert from blogger Dreena Burton when Michelle, our “Plant Based Living Winnipeg” Group Leader brought it to our Monthly Whole Food Plant Based Oil Free Potluck Dinner. She now has to bake 3 whole cakes to make sure we all get to enjoy this rich, moist, nutrient … Continued

CEO Blog: Undercover Boss (not really) Series – Episode 4: Animal Care

Imagine that you are lost, all by yourself. You don’t have a cell phone, or a wallet. It is dark, and frankly quite scary. You are hungry, you are thirsty, and increasingly agitated. All of the sudden, an alien looking giant picks you up and puts you in box big enough to hold you. Next thing you know, you are in a place that is warm. You see people smile. You are asked how you are doing; you are given food and made sure you are okay. This is not a science-fiction. What I just described is what most animals … Continued

Adoptable dog Axel stays cool on a hot day.

4 Sizzling Summer Pet Safety Tips

As the summer hits its peak season, the Investigations and Emergency Response Department begin to reach our highest call volume for concerns of dogs being left outside. While we understand that dogs like to be outside (and we love seeing them spend time out there!), it’s important to ensure that your animal has everything they need. When an animal is going to be left outside for longer periods, they must have access to fresh water at all times. We ask that you make sure that the water is being kept in a nice shady spot to prevent it from over … Continued

June Volunteer Profile: Claudia Allen

Those of us who volunteer at the Winnipeg Humane Society have done so because of a love for, and enjoyment of, animals. For Claudia Allen, it’s more of a passion. She’s determined to help our feline friends. “This is not the average relationship with the Humane Society,” Claudia explained. “I run Winnipeg Lost Cat Alert (WLCA). So it’s a community partnership with the WHS in different capacities.” “A program I started, in 2017, was Scaredy Cat Academy (SCA).  I continue to run that with the Winnipeg Humane Society, so we can help cats and kittens that would otherwise not be … Continued

CEO Blog: Undercover Boss (not really) Series – Episode 3: Clinic

“If you feel your legs getting wobbly or start to faint, just close your eyes for a moment” Welcome to the WHS clinic. Our clinic is a place of hope; and also a place that is not for the faint of heart. With over 30 spay/neuter surgeries done daily, plus dental surgeries, amputations and other life-saving procedures, you need to be okay with the sight of blood, bones and teeth. Our clinic saves thousands of pets which come to us suffering from illness, hit by a car, or being rescued from abuse. The WHS clinic not only works with surrendered … Continued

CEO Blog: Undercover Boss (not really) Series – Episode 2: Investigations and Emergency Response

The second stop in my quest to do as many behind-the-scenes jobs as possible was the Investigations and Emergency Response Team, known here as IER. This group is responsible for enforcing the Animal Care Act through Animal Protection Officers with the invaluable assistance of our Humane Officers. IER also responds to crisis when a pet is in harm’s way; a house fire, stuck somewhere unsafe, found on the road injured, or at a home but very ill. On the day I joined the group to learn about their jobs I rode the Emergency vehicle with Ashley and Sara, with backup … Continued

Heat wave: Our Emergency Response Team needs your help

Summer has been a bit late to arrive, but is is here in full swing. And with that, the number of calls from concerned animal lovers has increased regarding pets being left outside in the heat, or being kept inside vehicles. High temperatures and humidity can cause heat stress to animals, just like it does in people. Since June 1st, 2019 to date, our Investigations/Emergency Response team has received 92 calls of concerns involving failure to provide adequate source of food and water and 67 calls of concern involving failure to provide protection from injurious heat (this does not include animals locked in … Continued

CEO Blog: Undercover Boss (not really) Series – Episode 1: Intake and Foster

The first stop in my quest to do as many front-line jobs as possible took me to the Intake and Foster Department. This is the area where stray animals are dropped off and animals with human caretakers are surrendered for various reasons: behavioural problems, people leaving town and unable to take the pet, people moving to a no-pet apartment, or those who cannot afford medical treatment. It is also the department that coordinates with our over 240 active fosters, scheduling pick-ups, follow-ups, drop-offs, etc. This Department is led by Anja, and her assistant Manager, Audrey. Both have risen through the … Continued