Tips for Co-Existing Peacefully with Beavers

Beavers have long been an iconic symbol for Canadians. With urban and cottage spaces constantly expanding nationwide, more and more humans are finding themselves attempting to co-exist with North America’s largest rodent. Beavers are not only a wilderness staple, they are also crucial for keeping ecosystems running smoothly. For instance, beavers play a critical role in wetland ecosystems by improving water quality and availability, ultimately resulting in large levels of local biodiversity.* For those individuals living near creeks and riverbanks, even within the city of Winnipeg, beavers can pose a definite risk for damaging trees and blocking waterflow in order … Continued

Canada’s Unwanted Horses: Is Slaughter Really The Solution?

Recent media reports have highlighted the financial stress horse owners and business owners are feeling in the face of the CoVid-19 pandemic. In the past few months, a number of distraught owners have had no option but to sell their horses, or take them to auction where they risk going for slaughter. We at the Winnipeg Humane Society believe that more resources must be in available, to provide support for Canada’s horses and their owners, especially in times of crisis. As mentioned above, horse auctions occur across Canada and the United States, with Manitoba holding roughly 4 horse sales each … Continued

May 2020 MVP: Jeannine Taylor

Animals have always been a big part of Jeannine Taylor’s life, so it should come to no surprise that she spends part of her spare time volunteering with the Winnipeg Humane Society. “I’ve always loved animals,” she said. She grew up with cats and still loves them but when she was young Jeannine had a habit of bringing stray dogs home. “One time I brought home an old English Sheepdog,” she said, sheepishly (pun intended). “I was out riding my bike and I came upon this dog. I took the lace out of my shoes and used it as a … Continued

Phillip Napacherkadiak and his Qimuksiqtuq (dog team with one driver), Taloyoak, Nunavut (formerly Spence Bay, Northwest Territories), 1949–1950 (a129590)

National Indigenous History Month: The Past and Present Role of Dogs

By: Valli Fraser-Celin, WHS Remote Community Liaison June is National Indigenous History Month, which honours the history, diversity, and heritage of Indigenous peoples in Canada. The Winnipeg Humane Society works closely with Indigenous communities to provide veterinary services to under-serviced communities in Manitoba. Indigenous peoples have a long-standing history of dogs being part of their communities and their world views, and the Winnipeg Humane Society recognizes the human-animal bond as an important part of Indigenous History. For Indigenous History Month, we want to highlight the historical role dogs have played in Indigenous communities. Historically, dogs were used for transportation, hunting, … Continued

Dog Ambassadors Wanted To Help with Kids Reading Program

The See Spot Read program has been supporting children in our community by providing them the opportunity to develop their reading skills by reading to dogs for well over a decade. Over the years, the demand for the program has increased drastically. Thanks to the generous support of two funding bodies, we are able to support 18 sessions and 108 students every year, FREE OF CHARGE! The See Spot Read program allows students who may need support with their confidence when it comes to reading and provides a safe and non-judgemental space to read to our dog ambassadors. Through correction … Continued

What to Expect for WHS Summer Kid Camps 2020

Kid Camps at the Winnipeg Humane Society have always been a highlight at the shelter. Campers have the chance to meet some of our WHS shelter animals, learn about animal welfare issues and most importantly, build empathy towards animals in a fun and exciting way. We were sad to have to cancel our spring break camp this year, but our priority was to keep everyone safe and healthy, and to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. When the Government of Manitoba announced that in Phase 1 of resuming services, day camps would be able to operate again … Continued

April 2020 MVP: Lynda Buckmaster

Many people (especially in this day and age) have heard the old adage about not taking work home with you. Lynda Buckmaster, a volunteer in the foster department, is not aware of it. She was a foster parent to two of her five cats and, if that isn’t enough she’s currently taking care of three two-week-old bottle babies as well (as of this writing in early May). She had two others as well but when they were recently returned to the Humane Society for their shots, it was determined they were now old enough for adoption. The kittens, named Daniel, … Continued

Paws in Motion goes Virtual this year!

Winnipeg Humane Society’s Paws in Motion, presented by Fairmont Winnipeg, will be online this year due to COVID-19, and you’re invited! We want to make sure Manitoba’s largest celebration of pets is accessible to everyone during this unprecedented time, so you can register for FREE at ! This year, we want you to get active between Monday, June 15th – Sunday, June 28th with or without a pet safely in your neighbourhood, your yard, or in your house. Wear any WHS merchandise you have and walk, workout, run, bike, or even dance! Then share your photos/videos with us using … Continued

CEO Blog: Less sick people, better animal welfare: it is time to change our meat production systems

Throughout this global pandemic crisis causing millions to fall ill with Covid-19, your Winnipeg Humane Society has been focusing on serving our community and sharing shelter stories that are uplifting and warm our hearts. There is, unfortunately, one difficult aspect we must also talk about: farm animal welfare and its link to the industrialized and hyper-concentrated meat processing industry. Our meat food chain is inhumane and unsustainable, and we must change it now. A few weeks ago, media began reporting about Covid-19 infection hotspots in many meat processing plants, first in the United States, and almost immediately after in Canada, … Continued

Laura and Tucker do a See Spot Read session.

See Spot Read Dog Ambassadors Wanted

Do you have a dog that is calm, well-mannered, and loves kids? Do you love working with children and teaching them about responsible pet care and empathy for animals? If yes, then the following volunteer opportunity might be for you! The Winnipeg Humane Society is on the hunt for new Dog Ambassadors to join our See Spot Read (SSR) team starting in the Fall of 2020! What does it mean to be a Dog Ambassador? As a Dog Ambassador, you and your dog will sit with children who struggle with reading, providing encouragement and support when needed. Just by sitting with an animal, children can feel more relaxed, which improves their comprehension of … Continued