Meatless Mondays: Vegetable Lasagna

Nothing is better on a cool, crisp fall day than a big pan of lasagna, and this recipe has become “the” veggie lasagna recipe for me…and I’ve tried many! It’s adapted from the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook “Vegan for Everybody” and while there are a few steps, the result is well worth it. My version is a bit different in that I’ve simplified the veggie steps (throw them all in one pan and roast – simple!), but  added some extra seasoning to the cashew/cauliflower ricotta, (based on a recipe by You can also use your favourite jarred sauce or … Continued

A Better Way to Assess Incoming Cats

A stray cat that has been surviving on scraps behind a restaurant…a barn cat roaming in a farm environment…and a cat living in a home setting with a large number of other cats. What do all of these cats have in common? Predictability. Regardless of sociability, all cats like their environment to be predictable, which in turn promotes security. When a cat’s environment changes and their sense of security is in jeopardy, their body activates a physiological response called “Fight or Flight”. The behavioural response to this stress can either be to lash out, resort to escape behaviours or even … Continued

Making More Adoptions Possible

Did you know? The Winnipeg Humane Society successfully finds homes for more than 4000 animals each year. However, we can’t accomplish this amazing feat on our own. Over 25% of WHS adoptions take place at one of our satellite Pet Adoption Locations (PAL) around the city of Winnipeg. We are currently partnered with 10 different pet stores and always looking to expand. These locations include: Petland (Pembina, Kenaston, Crossroads (Regent), St. Vital) Petsmart (Kenaston, Regent, Polo Park (Empress), Leila) Best West (St. Annes, St. James) One of the main benefits of these offsite locations is the ability to reach a … Continued

WHS Education Corner: Pet Empathy

Animals are an amazing way to teach empathy and kindness. If you grew up with a pet, undoubtedly you have many amazing memories of that time. Something about the uncomplicated love between animal and human makes everyone involved feel good. Nothing stops a room, especially a classroom, faster than having a dog walk in with its purple WHS Dog Ambassador bandanna. Our Behaviour assessed dogs are the lead attraction in this show. What do we need to be happy and healthy? What do our animals need to be happy and healthy? It is interesting to see the similarities between us … Continued

Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners

While many people see Halloween as a fun filled time complete with costumes and tasty treats, not everyone stops to consider the festivities from a beloved pet’s perspective. But October 31st doesn’t have to be scary for your furry friend as long as you keep the following tips in mind: Keep the treats out of reach. Candy and chocolate are not good for your pets, but the smell can be very enticing. Make sure your candy bowl is in a safe place that your cute critters can’t get to, and only bring it out when you are able to keep … Continued

September MVP Volunteer Profile: Heather Anderson

One could never accuse Heather Anderson of easing into retirement. If anything, it’s diversified her interests and made her busier than ever. She recently celebrated her 10th year of volunteering at the Winnipeg Humane Society. In addition to her Tuesday afternoon shift, in her ‘spare time’ she also volunteers at Fort Whyte Alive, a food bank, walks several times a week for exercise, takes 55+ university classes and more. Her WHS involvement started with a visit. “I had got together a bunch of old towels and sheets and that sort of thing,” she explained. “I hadn’t seen the new building … Continued

Kids Give Back: Holiday Pet Hampers

The WHS is looking to engage kids and their families who wish to give back to the community. The reality is that there are animals in our community who go without the essentials or anything extra. We’re holding an event for our young volunteers on November 17th that will be both fun and meaningful. Our goal is to develop 75 hampers that will include donations of pet food, treats, toys, and blankets to give to families in need with animals during the holiday season! We can’t make this event successful without your help. We are looking for supplies to help make … Continued

Javier speaks at the 2017 Bow Wow Ball

CEO Blog: Bow Wow Ball and the Plant-Based Challenge

It is not every day that your workplace turns 125 years old, and most definitively not every day you hear that your biggest fundraising event of the season is sold out… Thanks to you we have achieved both! Our 26th Bow Wow Ball, this year celebrating the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) 125 birthday is sold out. If you are lucky enough to have tickets to the event, be ready for a night you won’t forget. Reaching such a milestone could not be possible without the ongoing support of you, our community. We are committed today as much as we were … Continued

Tips for Building a Winter Dog Shelter

Winnipeggers know that it’s only a matter of time before the first snowfall hits. Earlier this year, the Investigations & Emergency Response Department discussed what an appropriate outdoor dog shelter would consist of for the summertime. For this month, we would like to focus on appropriate winter dog shelters, as the requirements will change in order to accommodate our extreme temperatures. While some breeds are built more for the colder temperatures, all dogs still require a form of shelter if they are going to be outside for longer periods of time. While a husky may be able to withstand colder … Continued

Meatless Monday: BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches with Avocado Slaw

After a beautiful summer of colorful salads, grilled vegetables, and fresh, homemade veggie burgers, it’s time to turn up the heat, pull up your socks, and cozy up with some comfort foods! It’s that time of year with family Thanksgiving dinners, and Grey Cup parties, and bringing this delicious plant-based dish, will have everyone asking for seconds, not to mention the recipe! These simple, 30-minute BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches from the Minimalist Baker will please everyone! The perfect Vegan substitute for pulled pork. They will be amazed; and don’t forget to pass the napkins! A crunchy Avocado Slaw is a perfect side dish, to accompany … Continued